Some of our General Products are:

  SWIFT Financial Management System

(Power Builder based 5.0 based Accounting system- A replica of ‘MYOB’ – Mind Your Own Business, a popular American product)

A comprehensive Financial Accounting System, which analyses financial information and up to the minute data to give optimum control of the company’s finances.

General Ledger puts firm control the business, giving you quick access to critical data. Inter-company transactions can be processed with flexible accounting periods and easy to create Chart of Accounts with an unlimited number of account heads.

Various options for budget definitions and performance analysis hitherto. the General Ledger module's financial reports help informed decision making. Accounts Receivable is designed to facilitate improved cash flows and customer satisfaction through efficacy in atomization in collection process. Complete invoicing process is automated through automatic calculations to the procedures to avoid errors and duplicate entry and with appropriate updating to general ledger.

Accounts Payable offers several options to streamline approval process automates vendor-related tasks and match supplier invoices to purchase orders. Apart from performing the payable function, the system allows for substantial vendor information. It provides an accurate and detailed aging of all open items and scheduled payments. The system generates necessary documents for extensive audit trails.

Cheque book management and bank reconciliation is powerful facilities in the software.

  SWIFT Inventory Management System

(VB 6.0 Based system to Manage Inventories)

The Inventory Management maintains comprehensive records of raw materials, finished goods, consumables and products received on job works and offers firm control on the distribution business through every step of inventory process.

The system delivers detailed and timely information on each item in the inventory. It enables user to view history of procurement and issues of any item and help tracking costs. It keeps track of procurement and issues for internal production as well as external job work.

The scientific inventory management and replenishment policies as defined in the software helps reducing carrying costs and optimizing customer services and in turn maximize return on investment (ROI).

Various inventory analyses generated by the system like movement analysis (FSN), consumption analysis (ABC), critical analysis (VED) and level analysis like minima, maxima, and reorder and safety levels helps maintaining optimal stocking levels of the products in demand.