SWIFT Hotel Information System

((VB 6.0 Based system to manage all Activities of a Hotel)

HIS. Is a comprehensive ERP system especially designed to Automate the Hotel operations. This software covers almost All operations and for functional convenience has been divided Into various modules like Sales & Marketing, Central Reservation System, Business Materialization, Front Office Management, House Keeping, CRM, Back Office Operations Like inventory management, Financial management etc.

A comprehensive email management support is provided in the Software to track reservation requests from the customers. Web enabled central reservation system (CRS) helps Customer to make the booking directly through web.

  SWIFT Dining Card Management System

(VB 6.0 Based system to Manage all activities of a Member Dining Card System)

This system manages activities of a Dining Card Membership System generally in practice at Hospitality industry. Thru this Software a hotel can keep its member profile updated, issue Dining vouchers to the members and manage its redemptions. It can keep a track of unutilized vouchers and competitor hotels Dining card details etc.